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November 25, 201422 days ago

Oliver Heldens - Last All Night (Koala)

Check out my latest dance video for this hot track "Last All Night (Koala)"... Read more
July 27, 20144 months ago

Photos CheerUp World 2014

Photos from CheerUp World 2014 by Photo-Polo Read more
July 11, 20145 months ago

CheerUp World 2014

This year again the best of both Worlds (Cheer & Dance) will unite to bring you the 2nd edition of the festival... Read more
June 21, 20145 months ago

Download Venus (Darkside Mix)

Here's the link for downloading the remix I did 2 months ago... Read more
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Tags: Dance, Hrisio, Lady Gaga, Remix, Venus, Video
June 14, 20146 months ago

Lady Gaga - Venus

When I was asking you for love you were sending me bullets... Read more
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Tags: Britney Spears, Video
May 27, 20146 months ago

Britney's prerogative

10 years later analyzing one of the best Britney Spears´╗┐ videos for me... Read more
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Tags: Photos, Photoshoot, W.O.
April 19, 20148 months ago

Whiteout is a moment

Pictures from the W.O. photo-shoot. Still wondering if "whiteout" exist as word... Read more