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July 27, 20143 months ago

Photos CheerUp World 2014

Photos from CheerUp World 2014 by Photo-Polo Read more
July 11, 20143 months ago

CheerUp World 2014

This year again the best of both Worlds (Cheer & Dance) will unite to bring you the 2nd edition of the festival... Read more
June 21, 20144 months ago

Download Venus (Darkside Mix)

Here's the link for downloading the remix I did 2 months ago... Read more
June 14, 20144 months ago

Lady Gaga - Venus

When I was asking you for love you were sending me bullets... Read more
May 27, 20145 months ago

Britney's prerogative

10 years later analyzing one of the best Britney Spears´╗┐ videos for me... Read more
April 19, 20146 months ago

Whiteout is a moment

Pictures from the W.O. photo-shoot. Still wondering if "whiteout" exist as word... Read more
April 17, 20146 months ago

Faces photo-shoot

Some pictures from the latest photo-shoot by Miguelanxo... Read more